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Aaru is a fully featured media dump management solution. You usually know media dumps as disc images, disk images, tape images, etc.

With Aaru you can identify a media dump, extract files from it (for supported filesystems), compare two of them, create them from real media using the appropriate drive, create a sidecar metadata with information about the media dump, and a lot of other features that commonly would require you to use separate applications.

To see last changes, check the changelog. To see list of pending things to do, check the list of issues.

If you want to contribute in any way please read the contributing guide.

Stable releases in Github.

System requirements

Aaru is created using .NET Core 3.1 and can be compiled with all the major IDEs. To run it you require to use one of the stable releases, or build it yourself.



And read help.

Or read the documentation.


Supported disk image formats (read-only)

Supported disk image formats (read and write)

Supported partitioning schemes

Supported file systems for read-only operations

Supported file systems for identification and information only

Supported checksums

Supported filters

Partially supported disk image formats

These disk image formats cannot be read, but their contents can be checksummed on sidecar creation


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